Type III
Type III is the sheath type closest in design and appearance to the standard leather belt loop sheath. This is the only type that consists of three layers of leather - one on the front, two on the back. This is done to prevent the clip screws from coming into contact with the knife.

  • Relatively slm
  • Works beautifully for all carry positions
  • Thicker than Type I and II
  • Sits furthest from the body (see Type III - Vertical Configuration below)
Type III - Vertical Configuration

As you can see, because of the additional layer of leather on the back to prevent metal parts from coming into contact with the knife the sheath is thicker than both Types I and II. Further, because the attachment screws have a minimum length, the clip sits a little further back from the sheath instead of flush against it. As a result, when worn on the belt, the sheath sits further from the body than other sheath types.

This is actually preferred by some folks, as it gives more room to grab the knife firmly, but some don't like it, so be aware.

Note: In the newer version I replaced the rubber rings with a piece of leather of the same dimensions and with the same holes as the G-Clip. This eliminated the possible rocking motion at the point of attachment.

Type III - Horizontal Configuration

Type III - Canted Configuration

Type III - Cross-Draw Configuration

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