Sheaths listed for sale on this website are usually already made and can be shipped immediately. I try to maintain the website as much up to date as possible, but sometimes it may not me up to the minute. However if something you wanted is already sold, it can be made again specifically for you as a custom order (see below). Payment for sheaths can be made through PayPal or with a Money Order.

Email me to check availability and to place the order at:

Ordering Info: vgrynko@hotmail.com

Alternative Email #1: vesscollectibles@hotmail.com

Alternative Email #2: vesscollectibles@rogers.com


Custom Orders

I do take custom orders for sheaths and other miscellaneous leather items. You can place orders for individual sheaths, or if you are a knifemaker and need someone to make sheaths for your "staple" knives I can take those orders too. Prices for custom orders are usually the same as for the production sheaths or comparable complexity. My sheath designs are not rigidly imposed, so please propose your own ideas. I am always looking for new ways to expand the functionality and diversity of the sheaths. New designs do not increase the prices, so feel free to be creative. The additional costs come only with leg ties, inlays, overlays, multi-coloring and heavy tooling.

Most sheaths will be made in 7-10 days, starting from when I have the details about what the sheath should be like. It may take a bit longer in case of very elaborate sheaths with a lot of tooling, overlays or exotic skins. Larger volume orders for knifemakers take two weeks or more, depending on how easy it is to put all the sheaths in one batch production cycle.

When ordering a custom sheath from me, you do not have to send the payment until the sheath is finised. When done, I will email you the link to the pictures of the actual sheath you will be getting, and only if you like what you see the payment can be made and I will ship the sheath. The only exception to this rule are sheaths with personalized initials.

When choosing a custom sheath type it will help if you take a look at the "Options" section, it is full of useful information about sheath types and other data that may help you decide exactly which sheath type you'd prefer. Also, it' would be helpful if you take a look at the list of things I usually need to know when I get your order. The list can be found here:


Shipping Costs and Options

The typical shipping costs and options for sheaths can be found here, and I can combine multiple items in a single shipment:


Shipping a Knife to Me

If you are thinking about having a sheath made for your knife, first check if I have it in my collection already. If it is listed, then I can work on your sheath using my knife. But if I don't have your particular knife, then you may have to ship yours here to make the sheath.

With most fixed blades it is not strictly necessary for me to have the knife here, I can work with a picture and measurements of the knife. You can send me a scan or a photo of the knife with a ruler next to it. Photo has to be from directly above the knife, because of perspective distortion.

For most folding knives (with sheaths molded to the actual knife, not a wooden dummy) I will need the actual knife to work on. The sheaths made to fit a wooden dummy according to your measurements instead of the actual knife can be done too, but the level of detail on the sheath and fit to the knife will not be precise.

Here is a link to the list of knives I currently have:

In some cases, if I get a lot of sheath requests for a particular knife, I will actually go and buy my own knife to work with. That way we won't have to mail your knife back and forth. So if you don't see your knife on the list of available knives, but it is a production knife that I may be able to buy, please email me and I'll see what can be done. For example, it made very little sense to have people mail me their CRK Sebenza knives all the time, so I actually bought my own to work on.

If you do end up having to ship your knife to me to work on, please email me first and make sure I know what you are sending and that I am ready for it. Here are all the grizzly details on shipping the knife to me:


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