Modular Fixed Blade Sheath

This sheath is designed from a number of separate modules:
- Sheath body, which is heavy duty leather with lining on the inside.
- Retaining strap, which can be repositioned for left or right-hand carry.
- Utility pouch with an attached firesteel loop, which can be worn separately if desired.

This, used together with a pair of Spyderco G-clips, allows the sheath to be worn in any position - vertical, horizontal, canted, cross-draw, etc. Even inverted. And as mentioned the sheath is completely ambidextrous for all of these carry positions. Also can even be worn without a belt (the G-clip can clip over the waistband).

The dimensions of utility pouch with this design are also not restricted by the size of the sheath itself. It can be as large or as small as you need it to be.

And as always, the leather color, stitching color and decorations are totally up to you. Pictured is light brown leather, black nylon thread and black nickel hardware. The only thing to keep in mind is that G-clips only come in black, and the hardware I have for them comes in silver or black nickel.

Finally, this design can likely be applied to any other fixed blade sheath.

This is an example of a personalized modular sheath, with a skull motif, initials and modified pouch flap shape.

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