Belt Loop Types

There is a variety of possible belt loops that can be put on the sheaths, each with it's own advantages. I can also make sheaths for other carry methods, not just the belt.

Spyderco G-Clip (NEW!)

This is a new and most versatile attachment type I've used to date, using the Spyderco G-Clip attachment. The system has several advantages, the main one is that the same sheath can be reconfigured to be worn vertically, horizontally, canted, cross-draw or anything else you like.
  • Can clip on to any belt up to 1 3/4" wide by 1/4" thick
  • Can clip to the waistband without the belt
  • Can be repositioned by moving two screws for vertical, horizontal, canted and cross-draw carry
See individual pages for different types of G-Clip sheaths for samples:


Integral Loop

This is the strongest, most wear-resistant type. The entire sheath is composed of two pieces of leather, front part and back part. So the loop is made by folding the back piece over the belt, smooth grain outwards, and then stitched to the front.

This has two main benefits: sturdiness and wear-resistance. With this type there are no stitches inside the sheath for the knife to rub against and wear out. It can also be molded for precise belt size and thickness as needed.

Sample Photo

On a horizontal sheath the integral loop is made a little differently. The smooth grain side of leather ends up against the belt, and the flesh (not smooth) side on the outside of the loop. The advantage of this type is again that the back of the sheath and the loop are one piece of leather, and again there is no inside sheath stitching to rub against the knife.

Sample Photo

Folded Loop

This is the most common loop type, where the loop is made from a separate piece of leather, stitched to the back. With this type the sheath is actually made of three parts, but there is also unavoidable stitching on the inside of the sheath that comes in contact with the knife. The stitching always runs inside a recessed stitching groove inside the sheath, so contact will be minimal, but still present. But this is a classic, time-proven design that works best on thick 1/8" (3mm) leather. This loop type can be made longer to make low-ride sheaths.

Sample Photo

Flat Loop

This loop type is very similar to the folded loop, but primarily used for gun holsters and not sheaths. It is flatter than the folded loop, but makes the sheath ride higher on the belt. With this loop the top of the sheath will always end up slightly above the belt line (high-ride).

Sample Photo

There are other loop types as well, such as pancake and multicarry, they can be made on request.


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